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Raine & Horne is one of Australia’s most trusted names in real estate and since the company’s beginnings in 1883, the name Raine & Horne has become synonymous with Australian property. Today, Raine & Horne is Australia’s oldest family-owned real estate firm, and is one of the oldest private companies in the southern hemisphere.

The Raine family has been continually involved with the firm since its inception in 1883, and Raine & Horne is now into its fourth generation of family ownership under current CEO Angus Raine. The company employs thousands of people in a network of hundreds of offices throughout Australia and has many offices across the globe, cementing the company’s position as one of the strongest real estate networks both nationally and internationally.

So, if you’re looking to sell or rent your home, let one of our passionate people lead you in the right direction. We’ve been helping Australians for 130-years. Now we’d like to help you.


Angus Raine
Angus Raine   Angus Raine casts his expert eye over these unique properties and offers tips on how you can get top dollar for your castle.

Angus Raine is the Executive Chairman/CEO of leading Australian real estate firm Raine & Horne Pty Limited and a Director of Raine & Horne Holdings. As well as being a leading real estate commentator, Angus is the fourth generation of the family to lead the family owned and operated super brand in its 130 year history.

With over 27 years in the Australian real estate industry (including 14 with Raine & Horne), Angus has expertise across both residential and commercial sectors.

After starting his career with Raine & Horne in 1985, Angus took the momentous decision to leave the family business to help establish himself professionally.

For more than a decade, Angus worked with some of the biggest brands in Australian commercial real estate and this enabled him to develop a strong skill set, knowledge base and industry credibility. He also cut some of the biggest commercial deals in the market and his stint away from Raine & Horne enabled him to experience a number of boom and bust cycles. Angus is particularly proud of working successfully through the bust of the early nineties - a time when he considered he learnt the most about his industry.

Among a long list of qualifications, Angus is a graduate of Harvard Business School, a licensed Real Estate Agent, a certified Auctioneer and Registered Real Estate Valuer. He is also on the Family Business of Australia Committee, as well as a member of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Industry Liaison Group.

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