Housing Industry Association

Housing Industry Association

About HIA

Housing Industry Association (HIA) represents a network of over 40,000 building professionals Australia-wide. HIA provides its members with the latest industry advice, ongoing training and support and commits them to ethical and high quality services.

HIA members include builders, carpenters and joiners, bricklayers, plasterers, ceramic tilers, roofing contractors, painters, electricians as well as kitchen and bathroom specialists.

HIA is also the voice for the residential building industry, supporting its members on building related issues, including housing affordability, legislation and red tape as well as providing up-to-date forecasts and reports on the state of the building economy, both regionally and nationally.

Why use an HIA member?

A building or renovation project can be one of the biggest investments made, and it is important you do your due diligence and choose a tradesperson carefully. Choosing an HIA professional helps give you confidence that there is minimal risk and the work will be expertly done, giving you great peace of mind and an enormous sense of achievement.

HIA members subscribe to the HIA National Code of Ethics (the ‘Code’), under which they commit to acceptable standards of commercial behaviour.

Before engaging a professional make sure they:

·       Use contracts which protect you under the Home Building Contracts Act?

·       Carry the right insurances to safeguard your building works?

·       Actively improve their business with continued professional support?

·       Have a licence or are registered to carry out the work?

·       Adhere to a Code of Ethics?

·       Have access to Australian Standards, the Building Code and Statutory requirements.

Look for the HIA logo or ask your building professional if they are HIA members.

How to find an HIA member?

We have made it easy to find a qualified reputable builder or tradesperson by simply searching our local trade directory or list on eQuote to get a quote for your building or renovation works. http://housinglocal.com.au/get-help/find-a-tradesperson.aspx

A place to get inspired – housinglocal.com.au

Housinglocal.com.au is designed for homeowners wanting to build or renovate their home. Take a moment and browse this trusted site and see some of Australia’s HIA award winning builders and designers, showcasing stunning, inspiring and highly sought after housing designs, features and products.

Housinglocal is easy-to-use, provides practical tips and information and has industry expert advice to help you make the right decisions. You can also browse through photo galleries room-by-room on the latest home, kitchen and bathroom designs and get some inspiration.           


Kitchens and bathrooms guides and tips

HIA’s Kitchen and Bathrooms Survey shows you tend to renovate your kitchens and/or bathrooms every 15-25 years. Given that you do not invest in this type of project often, you will want to get it right the first time and ensure it is best designed to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We have made it easier for you to get your ideal dream kitchen or bathroom by producing simple step-by-step guides that are packed with everything you need to get started, right through to what to expect through the process of the project like checklists, the time it takes and how to find a professional. Simply download your copy at http://housinglocal.com.au/ideas/publications.aspx

Build ‘green’ with GreenSmart

HIA GreenSmart is a way of building which is respectful of the environment and its inhabitants. GreenSmart was developed in 1999 to provide a means for anyone involved in building or renovating a home to learn about the principles of sustainable design.

Efficient hot water systems; sustainable timbers; masonry products with high thermal mass; effective insulation; lower toxicity paints; water-saving and greywater systems; energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling – all of these things contribute to sustainable living.

GreenSmart accredited homes represent best practice in environmentally sustainable housing design. These homes:

·       demonstrate improved energy, resource and water efficiency

·       enable homeowners to waste less and recycle more

·       reduce waste from the building process

·       create healthier homes for occupants

·       improve site management during construction.

The long-term benefits of designing and building or renovating a home to include GreenSmart principles can include lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter, a cooler house in summer, increased resource efficiency, a healthier home for the occupants, and less waste going to landfill.

Building homes that include environmental features doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s more about how you build (or renovate) than what you build. With just a few simple choices you can achieve environmental living at a price that suits you. The design and choice of materials makes all the difference.

Building the GreenSmart way can help you achieve comfortable and healthy living while saving energy, water, money and the environment.

Check out the HIA GreenSmart for more details and ‘green’ examples at http://housinglocal.com.au/ideas/publications/Greensmart.aspx







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