Season 01 - Episode 11

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This house is defined by the landscape that surrounds it. Beautifully designed and architecturally stunning, it follows the contours of the hilltop where it sits, to take advantage of the magnificent views of the rugged south coast and draw in the sun from all angles throughout the year.

The house is split into three sections. A central section, with the main entry which leads directly to a sand-filled courtyard and a view through to the ocean. Branching of from the courtyard one wing has a large open area with the lounge, dinning and kitchen and a sheltered deck and plunge pool. The other wing has 3 bedrooms and en suites as well as a large teenage ‘chill’ room.

The architect, Fergus Scott has referenced the natural materials found in the landscape around the site as part of the palette in designing the house. The controlled rusting of the metal sheeting that clads the house is drawn from the look of the rocks and cliffs found locally. The rich dark painted exterior and interior walls are reflected in the dark colours of the mountains and the interior of the large granite boulders.

This is a very special house, beautifully positioned in a spectacular part of the Australian coast.