Season 01 - Episode 10

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The more you look at this home the more you love it. Designed by Rachel Neeson and the late Nick Murcutt, it is an exceptional example of how architecture can trigger memories.

The client had grown up in the original home built by his grandfather and the architects approach was a masterstroke: Preserve the memory of the old house in the new.

“It was like working with a ruin,” Nick said at the time. But through sensitive and creative design they kept the memory of the old house alive. The new house also slightly reoriented itself to better pick up sun angles and the principle of building in sympathy with the bush was also a driving force.

Its inner beauty is its real strength. The use and expression of concrete in concert with timber and stone create a sense of refuge.

During filming it became apparent to Peter that this was perhaps the finest example of responding to a clients’ brief he had seen “In the right hands architecture can add a fourth dimension time, taking the owners back to their childhood by triggering memories,” Peter said.

This Sandcastle stands as one of Sydney’s finest.