Season 01 - Episode 08

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St Andrews beach on the Mornington peninsula is home to the richest vein of seaside architecture in the country. This isolated strip has produced many state and national award winners. The latest creation by architect Steve Hatzellis sits well in such esteemed company.

Clad in copper, its dramatic cantilevering geometry almost knocks you over on approach. Designed for a young family, the house cleverly wraps around itself, providing shelter to a courtyard. Internally the house runs in a spiral that links levels as well as outdoor spaces.

The most impressive and engaging design idea was the use of single point perspective lines. A technique used by painters to make objects recede or standout on a canvass. Here the architect has employed this method to create an optical illusion, making the building appear bigger than it actually is.

Although this house has many athletic feats of architecture and engineering, it’s also full of clever storage tips for a growing family. In particular the way the kitchen can easily be turned into an extension of the living room by simply sliding a few doors.

It’s a robust yet beautiful home that is sure to create discussion on the power and importance of architecture.