Season 01 - Episode 07

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Adjacent to one of the most popular Northern Beaches of Sydney, this house is ready for sandy feet and wet towels. Designed for a surfing family whose love of the coast and sharing good times is well served in this open Japanese inspired design.

Plywood timbers give a casual feel, offset by the sophistication of billiard table smooth concrete floors. The decision to put the children’s bedrooms downstairs allows for a kitchen, dinning, living room, roof garden and plunge pool and master bedroom on the upper level all with direct access to the sun and view.

With 3 older children there are plenty of private sitting areas and breakaway spaces. This house will appeal to anyone who understands the needs of mixing active children with comfortable yet stylised architectural design, which is crafted from robust and durable materials.

The level of detail from the architect with her documentation of this house meant that there were no surprises during costing and construction. There are some wonderful lessons to be learnt in this episode, none more so than the fact that great results rely on good communication between client and architect and a certain level of trust.