Season 01 - Episode 05

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This little house has a big story to tell. Designed by a local architect for an international rock star who with his wife has literally gone to the opposite end of the world to get away from it all.

Brian Ritchie is the ex bass guitarist from the Violent Femmes, how he ended up in Tasmania, living in his own private musical sanctuary is an extraordinary tale.

The architect Stuart Tanner recalls the time he first saw Brian and his band touring Hobart in the early 90’s not knowing that one day their paths cross again and result in a cross pollination of music and architecture an unlikely combination that led to this award winning home.

Built up against the tress on the shores of the Derwent, the question of why the house doesn’t take full advantage of the views is puzzling, the reason, Brian places more emphasis on ‘hearing’ the view rather then seeing it. This is just one of many unique examples of what can happen when music and art collide.

During filming Pete and Brian jammed to ‘Blister in the sun’, the song that Brian and the Femmes are perhaps best known for, it was one of many unscripted moments.