Season 01 - Episode 04

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Is it an ancient ruin, some unique rock formation, maybe something from outer space? On first approach the Beached House is hard to comprehend, let alone describe. This unusual house sits isolated in an open landscape and makes no apology for touching the earth heavily!

Rationalising its external geometry is difficult. All you need to know is that the angles and soaring roof planes form exciting and comfortable internal spaces. Designed for a Melbourne couple and their extended family the plan is surprisingly simple.

The Sandcastles cameramen loved the light as it created all kinds of effects as it passed over the grand monolithic forms.

Architect Julian Kosloff of B-K-K guided us around the property. He’s a down-to-earth practitioner who, along with his partners, has combined drama with practicality and celebrates architecture as a series of spaces to be unravelled.

As Julian explains the beach house experience starts the minute you get in the car and escape from the city. Once you arrive at the destination the experience intensifies as you embrace the architecture, moving through the front door and finally reaching the view. These sequences are part of the journey, the combined goal is to get the participants to unwind and move to another level.