Season 01 - Episode 02

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The Australian Institute of Architects voted this house the best in the country by awarding it the 2010 Robin Boyd prize. It’s the first time a Tasmanian house has received such an honour, and surprisingly the design is effectively an alteration and addition not a new residence.

Located an hour west of Hobart it’s well hidden. From an elevated position every window and door along its southern elevation commands a water view across to Bruny Island.

Owned by a noted film and television director whose brief to local Hobart firm HBV (Heffernan Button Voss) was to modify a series of barn like structures and create extra living area. The response was to rearrange the floor plan but ignore current trends of open plan living. This episode is a master class in how to subtly resurrect an old house into something new.

The masterstroke is the creation of a separate living room that looks like a camera; a wonderful space for a visually literate client. Within this concrete lens, views are framed for the cinematic client.

On visiting it’s clear that the house’s greatest quality is its ability to ‘slow you down’. Here time of day matters little. The hours are judged by the length of shadows, the seasons by the angle of the sun.