Season 01 - Episode 01

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Perched over the cliffs the Holman is an iconic architectural centrefold, having graced the covers of dozens of international magazines.

Designed by Neil Durbach and Camilla Block the house was born out of a long and experimental design process. The site plunges 70m over a cliff to the ocean and even after the clients had signed off on the design Neil had doubts it would work.

The builders terraced the narrow site and constructed a large platform that extended past the edge of the cliff where the workers would feel safe. As the house started to rise, the construction team was required to hang from a series of abseiling ties to complete the project

The design was far more powerful than anyone imagined. As the house was being completed the architect kept refining some of its elements. It was a case of the architect as artist putting the final touches to a masterpiece as it was unfolding.

Taking the house from exceptional to ground breaking!

Like a great piece of sculpture the Holman house cannot be easily described although countless articles have tried. Seeing is the only true way to do it justice, our cameras have provided an exclusive look at this masterpiece.