Croft House


I've been doing various versions of Sandcastles for over 10 years now and this house, 'The Croft' comes closest to actually being literally a sandcastle you can live in.

Its wild curving shape is in response to the wind, its design inspired by shifting sand dunes, while the internal walls are made from the local sand.

The architect James Stockwell, is a young guy who used to work for Peter Stutchbury, (who we have also featured in this series). He has won some major architectural awards already in his career and this house is as good if not better then anything he's done in the past.

We had two perfect days of filming and you know your on a winner when your cameraman asks for a copy of the show once it’s edited. This house is visually one of the strongest in the series. It’s about 800m from the coast, but you can imagine a wave has washed over this house and eroded it partly away as it receded back down the beach.