Australian Institute of Architects

Australian Institute of Architects

The Australian Institute of Architects together with Sandcastles would like to take our audience to some of the best examples of architectural work in this country and enjoy the world class designs developed by Australia’s finest architects, working cooperatively with clients and builders to produce breath-taking beach houses.

The Institute would also like to highlight their online directory;, which enables clients to find an architect or practice (including A+ practices) in their local area.

The Australian Institute of Architects was set up in 1930. Our mission statement outlines our desire to; Advance the interests of members, their professional standards and contemporary practice, and expand and advocate the value of architects and architecture to the sustainable growth of our community, economy and culture. Read more

INSPIRE - Celebrating Australian Architecture

INSPIRE  - Celebrating Australian ArchitectureTo celebrate Australian architecture the Institute is launching a new publication - INSPIRE Australian National Architecture Awards 2011.

INSPIRE 2011 is a unique, full-colour catalogue that celebrates the best of contemporary Australian architecture.

INSPIRE includes more than 240 pages of exciting, innovative architectural projects by leading Australian designers who have been honored through the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2011 National Architecture Awards (ANAA).

Follow the visual story of award winning buildings and see the design process from start to finish – including preliminary sketches, quotes and photographs. Read more


Neil Durbach & Camilla Block.

Durbach Block Jaggers
Neil Durbach and Camilla Block designs evolve out of countless experimental models and sketches. Their work is poetic and sculptural and has received many awards for individuality. Applying modernist design ideals they create beautiful human scaled spaces that are stimulating and sensual. Neil admits there are many jobs that he goes back and visits and after an hour he’s ready to leave. At the Holman house, he still marvels at how well light travels throughout the spaces and the constantly changing view. Seven years on it stands as a groundbreaking design and one the architects still consider their best. Visit Website
Holman House

Louise Nettleton .

Louise Nettleton Architects
Louise Nettleton Architects is a small Sydney based award-winning practice. Their buildings are distinguished by innovative architecture and meticulous detail. It is their intention to meet – and exceed – client briefs, while staying within stated budgets and time schedules. They strive to present design strategies that implement a sustainable and cost effective approach. Some of their current projects include café and restaurant design, new houses and the design for a “flat pack holiday shack” of approximately 85m² that they hope to bring in for approximately $110,000.00. Visit Website
Clifton Gardens

James Jones.

Architectus Melbourne
James Jones is an architect in demand. He was handed this project after joining HBV architects in Hobart. After the completion of the Trial Bay House, James was head hunted into the Melbourne based firm Architectus. He still remains a Tasmanian at heart and often escapes the rigours of high-end design by retreating to his native island state as often as possible. Visit Website
Trial Bay House

Chris Elliott.

Chris Elliot Architects
Chris Elliott was born in Wollongong, a city on a narrow strip of land between a mountain escarpment and the ocean, south of Sydney. He grew up surfing in the shadow of the Port Kembla steelworks, Wollongong’s “dark, satanic mills”. The drama of the natural environment and the man-made structures has engendered both a love of nature and sensitivity to the impact of human habitation. Chris Elliott Architects was founded in Sydney in 1992. We are devoted to finding innovative solutions to architectural problems. While most of the work to date has been residential, we are also focused on the continuing struggle to improve the contemporary city. This involves both project based urban design, and also the utopian goal of trying to envision the city of the future.   Visit Website

Graham Burrows.

Jackson Clement Burrows
Jackson Clement Burrows is a medium sized firm from Melbourne. The firm’s work now extends to medium and larger scaled projects. Although every architect will admit there is no money in designing houses, the team still believes that getting a house right for a client provides one of the greatest rewards in architecture. They are currently working on another beach house on the same headland. The balance between creating another amazing house, while not destroying the natural beauty of the hillside is the next challenge for this growing firm.     Visit Website
Tree House

John Wardle.

John Wardle Architects
John Wardle established his architectural practice in Melbourne and has led the growth of the practice from working on small domestic dwellings to university buildings, museums and large commercial offices. John has an international reputation as a design architect and has developed a design process that builds upon ideas that evolve from a site’s topography, landscape, history and context and a client’s particular aspirations and values.  The architecture of John Wardle Architects (JWA) is closely tailored to its place and highly experiential in nature.  John is attuned to the importance of detail - it is through the detail that the nature of material, the fit to function and the experience of occupation is expressed. In 2006 and 2002, JWA was awarded the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Sir Zelman Cowen Award for the most outstanding work of public architecture in Australia.  The practice has also been awarded the Harold Desbrowe-Annear Residential Award on three occasions, the Victorian Architecture Medal for a second time in 2008 and the Esmond Dorney Award for Residential Architecture in 2012.  In 2012 the Shearers Quarters received The Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture at the AIA National Architecture Awards. The work of JWA is published widely in Australian and international journals and has been celebrated in a book Volume – John Wardle Architects published by Thames and Hudson, London in 2008. Visit Website
Shearer's Quarters

Julian Kosloff.

BKK Architects
B-K-K are a growing Melbourne practice who see building as a violent process. It’s an architectural philosophy descended from the Greek rather then the nomadic aim of touching the earth lightly. The result is a bold, unapologetic from of architecture that although takes its cues from nature doesn’t try and blend itself into the landscape. Visit Website
Beached House

Fergus Scott.

Fergus Scott Architects
Fergus Scott Architects has established a well recognised portfolio of residential work. Awards include the 2003 and 2012 NSW AIA Wilkinson Awards. These were respectively received for the Toumabal Plains House on the coast of northern NSW, and the Cliff Face House, a joint project with Peter Stutchbury Architecture, at Palm Beach Sydney. Our work is reflective of our clients and responds specifically to each site and its particular nature. We see making connections with the environment as part of the living experience. Our buildings are operable and engage with their surroundings. They harness passive design principles for efficiency and to further creative parameters. Visit Website
Cliff Face

Pete Stutchbury.

Peter Stutchbury Architecture
Sydney based architect Peter Stutchbury is emerging as one of the leaders of a new generation of Australian architects. He is recognised for his innovative approach to sustainability and design and has practiced independently since 1981 as a principal of the firm ‘Peter Stutchbury Architecture’. Peter graduated from Newcastle University in 1978 where he is now a Professor receiving the universities convocation medal in 2004. He held professional chairs in South Africa, USA and South America, awarded the Luis Barragan Diploma Catedra in 2008 and the Diploma de Architecture Chile 2010 & Diploma de Department of Landscape Architecture Taiwan 2011. Peter is a founder and teacher of the ‘Glenn Murcutt International Masterclass’ since 2001. In 2008 his firm won the International ‘Living Steel Award’ in Russia (over 1200 submissions) and since 1995 Peter Stutchbury Architecture has won 46 AIA (14 Nationally) including both of the nations major awards in 2003 & 2005. In 2012 Peter was made an AIA life fellow. Visit Website
Cliff Face

Stuart Tanner.

Stuart Tanner Architects
Stuart Tanner is amongst a small group of Tasmanian practices that are leading the country in small, beautifully designed houses. His work responds to the powerful landscapes in a robust yet delicate way. Architects like Stuart are a refreshing reminder that world-class architecture can still be found in remote locations. Visit Website
Arm End House