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Season 02 Episode 05

One of the most popular parts of the Australian coastline is the Great ocean road in...

Robert Mills Architects

Season 02 Episode 04

Palm Beach on the northern beaches of Sydney, hide away for the rich and famous and fittingly perched on the Pittwater side is a SANDCASTLE...

Fergus Scott Architects

Season 02 Episode 03

As the name suggests, this Robin Boyd winner is a bunkhouse. But...

John Wardle Architects

Season 02 Episode 02

It’s one of the most spectacular and popular sites in Sydney's...

Chris Elliot Architects

Season 02 Episode 01

The Clifton Garden House is one Sydney SANDCASTLE that demands attention. Built on one of...

Louise Nettleton Architects

Season 01 Episode 11

This house is defined by the landscape that surrounds it. Beautifully designed and architecturally stunning, it follows the contours of the...

Fergus Scott Architects