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Season 02 Episode 11

This building occupies one of the most significant coastal sites in Australia. It is directly above the sand at North Bondi and continues a...

Durbach Block Jaggers

Season 02 Episode 10

This is an architectural oddity, unlike anything you've seen before. Designed by an...

James Stockwell Architect

Season 02 Episode 09

This is a no-frills sandcastle - yet one of the most powerful.

The house at Big Hill on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is one of the most...


Season 02 Episode 08

The 'Cliff Hanger' or as we like to call it the Seidler House. Designed by the late great Harry Seidler during his final years of practice.

Harry Seidler & Associates

Season 02 Episode 07


Chris Clout Design

Season 02 Episode 06

Every great journey starts with one small step. 


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